2022 GivingTuesday Campaign

We Need Your Support.

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This #GivingTuesday you can provide the Gift of Independence!

• $10 - provides a 20/20 pen and bold print paper
• $25 - provides a full spectrum task light
• $25 - provides a handheld voice recorder
• $50 - provides a talking watch
• $50 - provides a white cane complete with a specialized tip
• $150 - provides a survival kit created for individual needs. 

Additional Programs You Can Support

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Provides 5 hours of assistive technology training, the pathway to literacy, and full competitive employment for a blind or visually impaired adult.

$250 Gift

$600 Gift

Provides four weeks of instruction in a vital skill for maintaining independence: either Braille, safe travel, diabetes management, cooking, managing finances, or computers, all currently taught remotely.

$1,000 Gift

Pays for transportation and safe travel costs for group outings and field trips where we provide education opportunities for clients in our program. 

The cost is of transporting clients is one of our biggest expenses because we provide service to a 4 county area that covers 8,000 square miles.

$3,000 Gift

Provides 20 survival kit created for individual needs. Including white cane with specialized tip, talking watch, 20/20 pens, bold print paper, whole spectrum task light, large numbered, talking alarm clock, oven gloves, contrasted cutting board, large print calendar, oversized playing cards, bump dots, etc.

About Independence for the Blind

 Independence for the Blind (IB) has been serving the Visually Impaired community since 1980 and is the ONLY nonprofit devoted to training, educating and empowering individu- als living with Blindness and Visual Impairments in West Florida. Today, the IB service area in- cludes the 10 western counties from the port of Pensacola to the Apalachicola River covering over 8,000 square miles.

Our Programs

Programs are designed to meet the emotional and practical needs of the Blind and Visually Impaired Community. Independence for the Blind currently provides training in 5 programs.

1. Adult Program (Ages 18-54): Assists individuals ages 18-54 to maintain their independence by providing daily living, communication, and technology training who are unable to work or not seeking employment.

2. Older Blind Program (Ages 55+): Assists individuals ages 55+ to maintain their independence by providing daily living, communication, and technology skills training.

3. Transition Program (Ages 14-22): Teaches blind and visually impaired teens ages 14-22 the tools to be independent, prepare for college and to enter the workforce after high school.

4. Visually Impaired Persons (VIP) Children’s Program (ages 5-13): Teaches blind and visually impaired children ages 5-13 the tools to be independent, technology, daily living, communication, and pre job skills to aid them with entering high school and beyond.

5. Vocational Rehabilitation Program (Ages 18+): Assist individuals ages 18+ who are seeking job related skills or to maintain current employment with vision loss.

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