Independent Living Adult Program

Skills taught through ILAP include safety measures, cleaning, record keeping, money identification, reading and writing Braille, learning the use of adaptive aids, orientation and mobility, labeling and identification, and safe food handling and preparation. 

Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Conducts job development activities and offers instruction in basic computer keyboarding and assistive technology, resume writing, interviewing techniques, job search methods, and vocational training.  This program is essential for individuals who have recently lost their eyesight or are experiencing a decline in vision and need to learn how to adapt at work.

Transition Program

Prepares visually impaired high school students for college and the workforce through computer and adaptive software training, socialization and recreational skills, and vocational training such as resume preparation, interviewing skills and internships.  Students meet with counselors individually and in groups.  Each month an activity is coordinated for the students to build socialization skills and improve their self-esteem.  During the summer, IB West has a 16 day camp for the students.  There is no charge for participation in any of these activities.